Speeding up Step 2 in NAV upgrades

When upgrading NAV time is often a critical factor. especially when the database is big, has many companies and users. Running the data conversion can take several hours or days and meanwhile the business stands still. One change in version 2013 from previous versions is that User ID includes the domain name. This means that […]

Changes in MPN ERP Competency Requirements

Microsoft has significantly changed the requirements for ERP Silver/Gold. “Effective August 15, 2014, Partners gaining their MPN ERP Competency through the sales of Dynamics GP, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics SL, Dynamics RMS, or Dynamics C5 no longer are required to pass certification exams. This includes pre-sales and sales assessments as well as implementation methodology and technical […]

Base64-encoded credentials

Sometimes when you are connecting to a web service you need to authenticate using Base64 encoded credentials. This has became a lot easier now that we can use .Net Here’s some sample code that connects to a web service with “username:password” but encoded as Base64. This code use a method to get a response which […]