Fixing the logo size

When you’re working with images in RDLC reports you often need to create images in a fixed size that matches the image box in you report definition. One of Clausl’s many great reporting blog posts is about a workaround to prevent unexpected lines on the image border. Clausl use the freeware Paint.NET which can be […]

Faster Vendor Invoice entry

My #1 tip for a faster Vendor Invoice entry is to use standard purchases codes and to add this code in table 38: Vendor Invoice No. – OnValidate() UpdateInwardHeader; //>>New code StdVendPurchCode.SETRANGE(“Vendor No.”, “Buy-from Vendor No.”); IF NOT StdVendPurchCode.ISEMPTY THEN StdVendPurchCode.InsertPurchLines(Rec); //

Speeding up Step 2 in NAV upgrades

When upgrading NAV time is often a critical factor. especially when the database is big, has many companies and users. Running the data conversion can take several hours or days and meanwhile the business stands still. One change in version 2013 from previous versions is that User ID includes the domain name. This means that […]